About Minoo

Our History
Minoo was founded in 1990 with the idea of skin health sustainable development giving back to the society deserved. The vision that brought Dr. Minoo to develop nature made skin health products 25 years ago still resound in Minoo’s approach conducting research business.Like a compass her vision, mission, and values guide her in every day work in Minoo labs.

About Dr. Minoo Golnazar
Dr. Minoo Golnazar developed her own line of herbal facial products in 1989, that became more appealing by her unique massaging application techniques accompanying with her products. Her special massage techniques are designed to achieve maximum vitality and youthfulness to the skin while the skin retains its moisture and oxygen.

It was also in 1990 that Minoo began offering seminars to skin care specialists and professionals, showcasing her innovative anti-wrinkle massage techniques, alternative medicines, and nutrition. In response to colleague and stakeholder demands, Minoo decided to write a book that offered a comprehensive look into her knowledge of plants, nutrition, and application of massage techniques.

In 2002, Minoo began traveling to Eastern countries to do research and discover plants and herbs with medicinal values and investigating the most popular human diseases.In the year 2004, Minoo developed herbal supplements formulas for the most common disorders such as sugar diabetes, blood pressure control, skin disorders, migraine headache, arthritis, prostate, menopause, liver diseases control and constipation control.

The Minoo Vision
The joy that I feel every day, the enthusiasm for my work, the boundless love which fill my heart for all around me, the belief that I have in nature energy (God power), bring forth a vision of sustainable health development for the society to have a productive and quality of life in harmony with nature and its power. I believe that health is the reflection of total balance between body, mind, environment, and diet.I further believe everyone deserves good health and abundant happiness, by learning and understanding body and its chemistry, and what nature provides for us is the key to the foundation of our physical and mental health and behavior.With proper healthy nutrition and natural facial products, the body and its skin can help those looking to strike perfect harmony of balance making them less vulnerable to harmful, disease-causing bacteria.I am pleased to be the bridge to achieving that state for so many satisfied customers.

The Minoo Mission
Discovering and representing the wisdom and power of nature to develop the best and foremost biodynamic skin care and food products for sustaining health and youth.In nature every organism is independent and at the same time systematically interconnected to the other organism.
My mission is to continuously strive to discover more from the nature and integrate its energy to my formulas in order to gain sustain harmonious balance between the nature energy and human body chemistry.My mission is also to expand people knowledge in the level of better understanding the body chemistry and its needs, and then learn to work meet those needs by nourishing their body with a combination of products and a diet rich in nutrients, and anti-oxidant vitamins. As one begins to take steps toward one new life, one worry will fall away, and be replaced by unprecedented clarity and levity.

Minoo’s research on the medicinal benefits of plants and herbs and the potential impact on users is a lifelong process. She will continue her efforts to educate both skin care professionals and the general public on the benefits of natural healing and the relationship between the body and nutrition.