Minoos Book

Finally a book that unlocks the secrets to health and beauty…,

When Dr. Minoo Golnazar wrote and published Nature’s Secrets for Health and Beauty in March of 1999, she was unprepared for the enthusiasm readers would show at the unveiling of previously hidden secrets of herbs and their many enriching benefits. Fans reached out to her over and over and the stories were usually centered around finally achieving life goals. For Minoo, whose book was the culmination of many years of research into formulating high-quality herbal facial and supplement products, the testaments affirmed that sharing her knowledge was the right move. Now she wants to share the secrets with you, so that you too can experience the advantages herbs have in treating various disorders. Not only is the book a reference manual covering over 200 different herbs in great detail but it also covers how plants and herbs work to repair and optimize every organ in the human body. The icing on top are the many recipes for tea and main dishes alike, instruction on facial and acupressure massage techniques to prevent wrinkles and how the extracts of common herbs can be utilized as drug-free remedies. Nature’s Secrets for Health and Beauty is a must-read for anyone who is serious about actively working with the world of plants to naturally refine and sustain their appearance and health.

The following is a preview of topics covered in the book:

  • Herbal classification according to the energy level
  • Planting and collecting herbs
  • The tradition of herbs
  • Mind and nerve relaxation
  • Making herbal remedies
  • Oils
  • Herbs and health (mind and body cleansing)
  • Herbal reference guide
  • Medicinal and cosmetic use of herbs
  • Use of fruits

Nature’s Secrets for Health and Beauty